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Viewers discretion is advised 😉 Aside from this demonic music video (which I thought was pretty cool), I have no idea why I wanted to take French earlyass in the morning. I’m shit for the next few weeks. So I will have a lot of time on my hands to blog… I think. Who has […]

HER NEW MV FOR BAD ROMANCE IS UP! and i think this a little bit of a different side to Lady Gaga. APPEARANCE WISE. she looks less like herself and more like Madonna. or am i going crazy again? check it out after the jump

okay okay. i admit, i am overly obsessed with Lady Gaga right now. 🙂 she’s amazing. that ain’t my fault more pictures after the jump

GOTTA NEED GET IT! it’s hawt! MONSTER BEATS PRESS CONFERENCE WITH DR. DRE IN BERLIN! more pictures of the earphones after the jump!

hail yeah. she’s crazy to the max. & on that note, i can probably agree with 10 million viewers of Gaga. although shes a different artist, an artist that won’t provide something old like Beyonce, Britney Spears or even Rihanna. i personally love and enjoy watching Gaga’s MV’s, interviews and her fashion sense. yeah, it […]