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Do It Yo-Self #2 — DIY CHANEL What you’ll need: 1.. A shirt (I purchased mine at CLUB MONACO for $5!!) 2.. Any colored embroidery thread & needle Steps.. 1) Make a stencil of the Chanel logo. 2) Place the stencil onto the position you want on the shirt 3) Finally, ink it in and […]

I’M SO ANTICIPATING TO WAKE UP TOMORROW MORNING, CALL OUT A BUNCH OF FRIENDS AND PLAY SNOWBALL FIGHT! lol but I can’t because the boyfriend and I are shopping and getting ready to launch our accessories line ūüėÄ EXCITED??? I’m sure am! Here are some random pictures of this post. Pictures taken by Paul Chin […]

As I was flipping through fashionising blog, I found this fun stockings. Of course these Wolford are known to have beauitful, creative tight and stockings. After it being brought to the U.S by two Vogue editors, it seems to have much popularity and a “must-have” piece. How ever, these soft cashmere felt like is not […]

Lily Allen… for Chanel.. I love it.

Every single girl dreams of having a 2.55 chanel bag. OOH OOOOH ME! Damn, wish to have one in my closet :”( However, it’s very innovative and cheap LOL Can it be the next fashion trend? Holding paper bags? ehhhhh. I’ll be afraid to put my belongings in a paper bag that’s not synthetic because […]

Remember when Chanel’s Mobile Art came to New York — Central Park? OOOHH OOOH! I definitely do. The boyfriend and I stood online for about 2? hours outside IN THE COLD to watch a 45 minute exhibition. The wait was crucial and annoying because after they ALMOST let us in after the line, we had […]

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