Superfine Spring/Summer 2010


Well, having a boyfriend who is in love with his guy accessories = fitted Mets caps, I found this really interesting and very useful… It’ll help a lot during the rainy, snowy days. But I wonder WHAT material this fitted is in…. hmm..

What do you think about the water repellent fitted hats? A bunch of people actually waited for these to finally be made.

My top 3 picks from Alexander Wang Pre-Fall 2010 Collection:

The leather “cropped” jacket with a 5″ black hem AND a leather waist vest really compliments the waist. It’s actually really flattering. For those women who do have a little belly, it’ll be nice to cover it up with a fascinating vest.. NO? I definitely believe so, because I myself, do have one O:) 

Aren’t you slowly falling in love with those pair of glasses?

If I had this one right now, I would probably do the whole detective, FBI, CIA shit. Masculinity and femininity always works best. Dont you love to wear this with nothing under and a nice pair of heels? BOOM! Right in your face, you feel the power of women!

Same for this, but honestly, the heels are very attractive and it’s actually distracting me from the outfit. 

Overall, WangWang’s (that’s what I call him)collection had minimal colors (which is always timeless and chic) And another thing was, I noticed he brought the same leopard heels from his Spring 2010 collection but in black. That’s very classic.

I really need to call him up and ask for an internship. Alexander Wang has not always been the designers I rigorously watch out for. But after his collection of denim and leather mixtures, I’m quite thankful that I have came to my senses. I love his color palettes and his ways of mixing two contradicting fabrics and forming a beautiful silhouette. 

If I do spot a cheaper version of those lovelies, of if I can afford the real deal, I better act quick! 🙂

What do you guys think about WangWang?


You are probably expecting food porn in this post but I’m afraid I have to tell you the bad news. I did not take any pictures, and I do feel bad. Apology accepted?

Anyways, the first trip was couple of months back when the boyfriend and I were walking around 14th st. and randomly went in to try some great Thai cuisine. Yes, always the first time is the best.. Even in movies! Always the first movie that comes out rocks the theater, then when the second part comes out, it’s shit.

The same shit happened. First time we ordered appetitzers, two entree dishes and EVEN DESSERT! May I inform you, the boyfriend and I NEVER get dessert, we this time, we wanted to give it a try. And the desserts NEVER failed. It’s absolutely amazing but can reallllly satisfy your sweet tooth.

Ginseng Green Tea Creme Brulee & Sesame Pumpkin desserts are the bomb diggity. One of the waitors recommended the Sesame Pumpkin because it has a lot of baro-cartene which is good for skin and all that goooood stuff girls need. 🙂

okay — Our 2nd visit wasn’t what I expected. Let’s just say, we ordered two appetitizers and2 dishes. We waited about 40-50mins. (it didn’t take that long the first time) Then we find out that the waitress FORGOT to put our orders in. So we still had to wait. (but thank God for the appetitizers. If it wasn’t for them dumplings and shrimp covered in crispy noodle, we would’ve starved and left with an angry face) The waitress gave us complimentary drinks; Thai Iced Tea and told us that dessert will be free. So I got happy 🙂 we waited and waited, and when the boyfriend and I couldn’t take it no more, when we were just about to leave, our food arrived. And it was not what I expected.

But still do go. It’s good. Maybe that ONE time, she forgot. Shit happens.

NY is fucking ice cold outside and I need a pair of those warm furred up ugg boots. I’ve tried my friends once, and they’re are really warm. AND GUESS WHAT GUYS?  you’re in for a treat!

from classic tall to mini and metallic to the weaved boots!

I have teamed up with Whooga Boots and you could win a free pair of uggs!  It’s EXTREMELY easy to enter, and it’s open to EVERYONE in EVERY COUNTRY, so don’t miss out! *Courtesy of Whooga



so as i was screen shopping around the web, i landed on these sneakers from Nike. of course. and i thought it was about time that i want to wear sneakers once in a while.

while i was reading additional information on the shoes AND I FINALLY ENTERED THE SITE THAT WILL SELL EARLIER………

the smallest size is 7 in men. that’s a size 9 in women. unfair? very much -.-

:”( nike, stop being sexist. i witnessed so many nice shoes for men than for women. i would know, my boyfriend is in love with sneakers.

thanksgiving meal? it wasn’t all the great…

black friday? not what i expected

but overall, i deserved the 4 weekend vacation off from intern & school. and truthfully, i’ve been REALLY lazy. lol

just a christmas-y feel.

this bag is badddd

i can’t believe its december already….


according to Huffington Post, they have stated that Daul Kim’s boyfriend found her death in her Paris apartment. and she was hunged.

rip. Daul Kim. so young and marvelous.

R.I.P Daul Kim


okay. so when i first read about her death on nitrolicious,i was so devastated and in total shock.

May she rest in piece. a beautiful korean soul and who was an inspiration to me..

she has has influenced me in so many ways. i am a korean myself, & she actually gave me a lot of strength to keep doing what i need to do.

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AGHHHHHh this is love

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