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GUNS&CLOTHES LAUNCHED guns & clothes will be now my official site. from great consignment items to diy items, from daily ramblings to daily finds. catch me there. P.S: I DO NOT LIKE GUNS, I DO NOT HAVE ONE, I DO NOT WANT ONE. i simply shoot clothes in your face. Advertisements


if you guys have been curious where the hell i was…. i’m not here anymore. due to some extreme work and everything that mixes in between, i wanted to launch my new site and online shop.. i will post up my new website here as soon as it’s done. thank you for all my precious […]

thanksgiving meal? it wasn’t all the great… black friday? not what i expected but overall, i deserved the 4 weekend vacation off from intern & school. and truthfully, i’ve been REALLY lazy. lol just a christmas-y feel. this bag is badddd i can’t believe its december already…. GOTTA GRAB THE RODARTE x TARGET GO INTERN. […]

according to Huffington Post, they have stated that Daul Kim’s boyfriend found her death in her Paris apartment. and she was hunged. rip. Daul Kim. so young and marvelous.

So today was the launch for Gucci x Unicef collab. & unfortunately, not all the pieces are up (yet) more pictures and pricings after the jump

dealing with my best friends death, the new start of the school session and landing great internships here and there got me exhausted ! currently i’m learning french so i’ll be writing couple of words that i’ve learned and use it daily 🙂 after losing my digital camera, im about to scoop one up soon, […]


Dirty Wash Leggings by DimePiece. F/W 2008 Dime Peice got my vote on this hoodie! IT’S HOTT

Aren’t the sleeves and neckline amazing? Find out how it looks on the front! more pics after the jump

I was youtubing on a regular afternoon and found Lily Allen’s European single, Fuck You from her 2nd album, “It’s Not Me, It’s You”. What I enjoyed the most from this video was of course, the singer’s swag. Her voice is absolutely amazing and portrays a very girly girl anda slap in the face! I […]



DO YOU KNOW WHAT I NEED?! I need an entourage by my side that knows how to sew, pattern make and has great ideas. I don’t need the photoshop or illustration crap. It’ll be nice to share the light with another great companion that is willing to be in this with me… CAUSE I’M DYING! […]