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Do It Yo-Self #2 — DIY CHANEL What you’ll need: 1.. A shirt (I purchased mine at CLUB MONACO for $5!!) 2.. Any colored embroidery thread & needle Steps.. 1) Make a stencil of the Chanel logo. 2) Place the stencil onto the position you want on the shirt 3) Finally, ink it in and […]



AGHHHHHh this is love more pictures after the jump

^ my boyfriend<3 MR. LAVISH LIVEZ JACKET: toyqube SHIRT: dkny BELT: bape JEANS: DIY Jeans SNEAKERS: ¬†air jordan 1’s more pictures after the jump

*NOTE: the format and layout of this post is exactly the same as on fashionising because Caroline put it perfectly for us to DIY this easily! Skin tight over the knee boots for a slim, slender look. i wouldn’t wear this, simply because it’ll make my thigh look bigger :”( Now, a slouchy boots with […]

oops* forgot to iron for the camera what do you think?