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The past few days has been so overwhelming and tiring from all the things the boyfriend and I had to do. BUT NO WORRIES, we are slowly putting things up on our online shop, and once we get everything, it’ll be open to the public. ARE YOU EXCITED? I missed the Rodarte x Target collaboration […]



AGHHHHHh this is love more pictures after the jump

i dont fit in runway model’s criteria or rather skinny people whose sizes are 0 or 1. so, following this trend in the spring/summer would be absurd to me.. am i mad about it? i dont even know…. yes, it’s adorable with a nice pair of heels and i won’t have to think about what […]

first came out with these… then came out with this………

*NOTE: the format and layout of this post is exactly the same as on fashionising because Caroline put it perfectly for us to DIY this easily! Skin tight over the knee boots for a slim, slender look. i wouldn’t wear this, simply because it’ll make my thigh look bigger :”( Now, a slouchy boots with […]



so, Mary-Kate & Ashley are going to create a clothing line for affordable prices? not bad! I truely can’t wait until the line is released in JCPenny! Their new lines will be named: Olsenboye! HOW EXCITING more info & pictures after the jump



(Click to enlarge all photos for this post.) i need to get inspired   Monsieur JPG inspired the hell outta me



Beautiful Sarah Jessica Parker with NUDE heels. I SO CAN’T WAIT FOR THE SEX AND THE CITY 2 MOVIE! AHH! more pictures after the jump

excited ladies? as you already know, the collaboration with Target x Rodarte is going to be available starting Decemeber 20. it’s definitely best for the holiday seasons! get ready to shop till you drop at your nearest target store. but wait a minute… JEAN PAUL GAULTIER? no way. unbelieveable. i can not believe this great […]

so for the past week or so, i’ve watched this drama called, “Take Care Of The Young Lady” formerly known as Lady Castle. people who are interested in fashion and in a romantic comedy drama, i recommend this drama for you. here is the link. they have english subtitles and so don’t worry non-koreans or […]