the boyfriend and i went to Mulan Restaurant. they specialize in japanese cuisine. but i felt like it was an upscale chinese restaurant. oh, don’t get me wrong, there aren’t any chinese people yelling other customer’s order. (don’t get it twisted, i am NOT being racist, i am being 100% honest)

the environment and mood is nice and quite. OH YOU’LL GET TO SEE PICTURES!

unusual menu. lol and above “With Four Legs” says “With Two Legs”

more pictures after the jump

these were the lights above our table.

i thought this curtain was so beautiful. i had to take a picture of it

the view from where the boyfriend and I were sitting.

the place is for reservations for a large party. it’s pretty cool because there are waterfalls surrounding the area.



Fried Calamari. // mm.. mm.. mm.. delicious. it wasn’t deep fried (THANK GOD!) so the outer layer was not hard and the calamari was very easy to chew. and with the sauce gave it an extra kick of taste.

Rock Shrimp // it was different, something you won’t rather see at an asian restaurant. lol i loved it though. there was sweet n’ sour sauce to put on the fried shrimp that was mixed with onions, green & red peppers and wrap it up with lettuce. definitely something to look forward to when i do come back.

Crispy pork with orange sauce. // the pork wasn’t chewy and definitely was so tender and easy in the mouth. it included green peppers, tiny slices of oranges and pineapples. THE SAUCE MADE THE PORK TASTE LIKE A MILLION BUCKS. i swear, the orange sauce was tangy and complimented the pork.

Grilled Sirloin Steak // i wanted it medium rare, but instead it was well-done. -.- THIS ALWAYS HAPPENS.

— so i was reaching for my steak, until the waitress grabbed the plate and said something in chinese. i pretended i understood because it’s too much of an hassle to ask them what they said in english. lol. So she starts to cut the steak for me. 🙂 she told me she was going to cut the steak for me. how nice.

OO OO! the mashed potatoes were amazing, not salty at all and the perfect amount of fine cuisine.. the two chips are fricking amazing too.


Coconut Creme Dessert..

yeah, it looks so delicious. but the worst dessert i have ever tasted. i am the QUEEN of desserts. and let me inform you, if you ever do go to Mulan and decide to get this dessert, please restrain yourself. lol


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