so, Mary-Kate & Ashley are going to create a clothing line for affordable prices? not bad! I truely can’t wait until the line is released in JCPenny! Their new lines will be named: Olsenboye! HOW EXCITING

more info & pictures after the jump

Especially in this horrid economy, i believe this is an opportunity to build up the economy by creating lines that are wallet-friendly and still has durablity and amazing quality. I AM a fan of affordable clothes with great quality, due to the fact that i only intern and don’t have a steady and sturdy income 🙂

i think i’m in denial of H&M. i LOVE H&M’s new looks and the quality gets better and better, but the fact remains that when they first debuted their line, it wasn’t chic at all, denim colors would wash off the second they get thrown into the washing machine and t-shirts would get stretched out. but to great creative directors and designers over at H&M, we get to feel and love the quality of H&M at very very cheap prices.

anyways, here i go again, rambling on about something else.

stay tuned for more previews and info!



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