DIY: Rodarte Over The Knee Boots


*NOTE: the format and layout of this post is exactly the same as on fashionising because Caroline put it perfectly for us to DIY this easily!

Skin tight over the knee boots for a slim, slender look. i wouldn’t wear this, simply because it’ll make my thigh look bigger :”(

Now, a slouchy boots with platforms? my kind! I could definitely be comfortable without having the struggle while walking or sitting down and look very chic and sexy.

info on DIY and more pictures after the jump




  • Grab yourself a pair of over the knee or thigh high boots.
  • Caroline suggests buying sheets of faux leather by the meter; but we would even say that genuine leather off-cuts are a great idea, and would add a touch of quality and authenticity.
  • Whether you choose faux or real, simply cut the leather in strips about 4cms wide and 150cms long.
  • You can fold the strips in half, or fold both edges under, to make them neater.
  • Then, wind one strip at a time around the boots. Caroline’s method is simply to tie regular knots and then cover over each knot with the next strip; but if you want a more permanent solution you could also try gluing or stitching them on.


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