Patch Trend?


im not very fond of patches on jeans.. you will never ever catch me in a patched up denim. it’s simply, ugly.

more pictures after the jump

somebody pass me a bucket!

hm. lol these two are not SO bad oppose to the first two pictures. but these are more simplified patches and are limited.. to one patch. and it’s actually a bit cool and trendy.

okay, so let me rephrase my thought: i dislike multi-coloured denim patches. šŸ™‚ there.. much better.

what do you guys think about the patched up denims? which one have you saw floating around theĀ internet that you shared interest with?



One Response to “Patch Trend?”

  1. 1 Year of Denim

    You are so wrong!!!
    Nothing is better than patched jeans.
    In fact I am wearing a pair now that are chafing me ever so slightly (the patch that is).

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