Outfit Of The Day/Night No. 3


it’s crazy how the weather jumps from 60-50 degrees and down to 40 -.- it’s way too cold and it’s only fall. I JUST CAN’T WAIT TILL THE WINTER! 😀 *satrically saying*

okay. so i wanna try something different and interesting for my blog. if you want to participate, send some Outfit Of The Day and descriptions of what you are wearing. 🙂

isn’t the jacket so hawt?! well.. you can’t really see it. anyways, my mom and i were shopping on 5th ave. and couldn’t find a decent stlyled jacket that fits me. we gave H&M a try, and VOILA! scored this perfect winter wool jacket. its cinched in at the waist with a flare bottom and a cute wasit tie? lol oh you’ll see me wearing this most of the winter time. i get compliments here and there pairing these with one of my peep toe heels. it’s adorable 🙂

more pictures after the jump

pictures were taken around my neighborhood 🙂


jacket: H&M
stockings: Anne Klein
flats: Topshop
bag: Louis Vuitton Pallermo GM


2 Responses to “Outfit Of The Day/Night No. 3”

  1. I need to get myself a new winter coat. That one looks gorgeous!

  2. Thanks these days h&m has been getting a lot of good quality and nice designs.

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