Louis Vuitton = LOVE


how was my day? my day was frickin’ awesome!

WHY? ^^* So, some of you may have read the previous posts about my Louis Vuitton Pallermo GM bag getting repaired. and unexpectedly, the LV store called me and told me the bag has arrived. so the boyfriend and i went to the 5th ave. location and anticipately waiting in the elevator. after i verfied my name and address, the nice sales associate told me that my bag got stolen on the fedex truck but replaced another new bag for it. at that moment, my eyes started to tear because i was stupefied and appauled at the fact that out of the 10 bags that they were recieving, MY bag was stolen. and luckily, they had the same style in stock to replace it for me. am i lucky or WHAT? BONNE CHANCE!

as i happily recieved the new bag, i had a weird empty feeling. i should’ve been happy about the situation. btw, the bag is fricking heavy. lol


then the boyfriend and i walked to columbus circle and stopped by the mall and to best buy. i was originally wanting to buy a camera today but unfortunately the digital camera the boyfriend picked up was out of stock. actually the sales associate told us the “all” the stores that recieved the camera were out of stock. wonder how he knew all that. so we left disappointed and decided to watch zombieland on 34th st. which was a funny /thrilling movie. i so recommend! but before we watched a 830 movie, we stopped by macys to use the bathroom. then the boyfriend pointed out to me that there was a J&R shop in the basement. so we quickly went and searched for the samsung TL 220, and there it was. a bootayful new camera with the coolest feature.


pictures after the jump


my entire new bag 🙂

what do you guys think about my new camera? well, i’m not well educated in photography, so please excuse-moi.. since the boyfriend IS a photographer, i’m getting lessons from him 😀 if he saw this, he’ll tell me all the flaws -.- how there’s bad lighting, how the poster in the background is going to distract everything. lol i love you schnoogums<3*

this picture was taken on the boyfriend’s iphone. — but if you take a close look next to the lens, its another screen. that screen helps us take pictures of ourselves without trying to calculate if you’re getting your face in the picture. it tells you where you’re aiming and all that. fun stuff! great stuff. 🙂 happy stuff!

& a little glimpse at me!


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