Pretty interesting day…


I have an LV Pallermo GM bag and the cordings on the bottom of the bag came out.  I honestly don’t recommend this bag if the bag’s length is longer than your torso (which mine is). So I’ve tried to shorten the handles but my arm felt uncomfortable. And I didn’t have any other choice… but to leave it alone.

Shoot, i’m getting off topic. Anyways, I have went to about 5 differnt LV boutiques if it’s impossible to repair the cordings for free (REALITY: I purchased the bag a year ago!). To my mother, it didn’t made sense at all because we purchased a $1400 bag and we STILL had to pay for the repairments. However…. there comes an excellent Sales Associate Yolanda, in the main LV store on 5th ave. and told me that the job will be done FREE! How exciting was that? All the other LV stores left me in despair and crazy land, but 5th ave saves me!

SO I HAVE TO WAIT 4-6 WEEKS. it’s “waitable” lol 🙂

But my day wasn’t over.. I still had to do something about my MAC Hue lipstick which cracked in less than a month of purchase. So I ran over to Henri Bendel, skipped to MAC and asked what I can do about my cracked lipstick and handed over my reciept. And excitingly waiting on the other side of the woman, out and gave me a brand new one for free. However she told me it usually never happens like this, but i was so lucky!

I dont recommend this product.. ONLY if you’re wild with your belongings, which i am. IF ANYTHING, BE CAREFUL!

!!! Then an ebony rapper came along and specifically told me and my boyfriend that he’ll give us a cd for free and wrote my boyfriends name on the cd.. and as soon as he handed the cd to my boyfriend and quickly asked for $20. We got g’d. lol

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