Fell in love on the runway


Giorgio Armani S/S 2010 Collection.

Lately, I witnessed many photographs from the runway with a female and male model holding hands. I thought it was way too much pressure on our poor eyes since we have to look at one design each time. But then again, it is very pleasing to see something different. I love it!

Dolce & Gabbana

Glad the ripped up denims will be with us for another run.  Anyways, D&G’s extravagant and peculiar blazers do not phase me right now. The fact that D&G will start to lower their retail prices blew my mind off. As I was walking with the boyfriend in Soho, NYC the other week, we passed by a store with huge 50% off signs all over the door. And i would never image it to be Dolce and Gabbana. BUT HAIL YEAH IT WAS!

what do you think? a plus?

Trussardi 1911

if i see ONE MAN ON THE STREETS with one of these painted on denims.. and if he/she can pull it off, i will go on me knees and lick the floor. lol

i’ll never do it. cause it’ll never happen.
she said: NEVER SAY NEVER!

via – fashionising


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