Unexpected Eatery


My boyfriend blindly took me to a hotspot down at Lower East Side after a 830pm class. Luckily I was so up for it because I started to feel hunger pains; they weren’t the nice ones.

And as we were passing by Alife and Honey In The Rough we stopped right in the corner of Clinton St. and surprised me with a brick over pizza store. Boy was I excited to try this spot. San Marzano Brick Oven sits right on 71 Clinton St. btwn Stanton & Rivington St.

We got in, got a seat for two and admired the packed but cozy environment. It was packed when we got there but no wait at all. After we ordered the Buffalo Chicken pie, we ordered Mahliano? it had huge pieces of sausages and mushrooms, tomato sauce, stringy mozzarella cheese and fresh caramelized onions. That wasn’t the only good part, the crust was extra crispy! It was a bit burnt but that’s what brick oven pizza is all about isnt it?

The gentlemen that greeted us to our seats and the lady that served us were so nice it kinda freaked me out. LOL usually, people aren’t welcoming at all. However, she asked if we were doing fine and how the food was.

The price on these babies were reasonable I think. It comes in 8 slices for each pie and ranges from $10-14 (depending on what you get). Next time, I would love to try their salads and calzones 🙂 YUMMY!


Additional 411;
– Opens daily from 11am – 1pm
– Free delivery / take out
– A min. of 10$ for delivery
– Serves lunch & dinner

I reccomend this place to anyone who is a pizza lover! The travel might be a little bit tricky and long especially if you live out in Queens. But you could take the F to Delancy St / Essex St and walk to Clinton St down on Rivington St.


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