EEK! Swine Flu


Well, for the past couple of days, the weather changed drastically from like 40 degrees to 90 degrees.
And of course I was boiling up at my work place cause coincidentally, the AC broke the same day. So, I was pretty beat from all the heat and standing for more than 8 hours; I decided not to update 😀

Anyways, I’m so sure everyone should know about the swine flu going around…

Photo courtesy of CNN.

Shit, you won’t believe this, I’ve been paranoid for the past 2 days about the flu and got me thinking all sorts of things.  : |

What the hell is a swine flu?!

Like humans, pigs also get influenza also known as swine flu. Swine flu can’t infect people unless they have direct contact with pigs. But the 2009 outbreak is a different kind of virus. People dont need direct contact with pigs; they can get the flu by person to person or even by air.


– just like regular flu symptoms
– include fever
– cough
– sore throat
– body aches
– headache
– chills
– fatigue
– diarrhea
– vomitting

However, it takes a lab test to differientiate if it’s a flu or a swine flu.


– wash your hands with soap everytime you cough or sneeze
– avoid touching your eyes, mouth, and nose
– avoid contact with sick people


YES YOU CAN! (bullshit, I’m still not eating pork)


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