@ New Yorkers for Children’s A Fool’s Fête

Common; Adelina Wong Ettelson; and Josh Hartnett, in Giorgio Armani.

The dress is unexplainably……….. hard to DIY. LOL
I love how this tiny gorgeous asian lady is making a huge statement sandwiched between these two penguins 😉

Def. her dress is smacking these two boys in the face. 


——————————————————————————–DO LOVE.

Chris Benz with Eva Amurri, in Moschino.

I hate that jacket. lol I really love her footwear; I’m not so sure what it is but will assume its Christian L.

If she held her clutch in a pleasant setting, maybe viewers like us, will be able to see your damn clutch!

———————————————————————-DO HALF & HALF.

Zac Posen with Coco Rocha, in his design.

AUTOMATIC REJECTION! Zac, I understand you’re a great fashion designer, but please, to a certain extent. Designers wearing their own designs are totally acceptable; because you designed it, but if TWO people show up looking like newpapers…

——————————————————————————–DO HATE.

Leigh Lezark.

Her sleeves are ugly … as always, shoes are purrrrrfect!
———————————————————————-DO HALF & HALF.

Kevin Liles and Erika Jones.

Majoring in Fine Arts, I’m 1000% confident in complimentary colors and just about any other hues.

LOVE IT! The warmness of that velvet jacket Kevin is sporting compliments Erika’s iridescent purple taffeta dress. + I’m a huge fan of simple archietectural designs.


——————————————————————————–DO LOVE.

Dayssi Olarte de Kanavos, in Emanuel Ungaro.

This potato sack look like it went through Extreme Makeover. Few cuts and slashes here and there. The design on the dress is extraordinary and very interesting. I think it brings out the kid in Dayssi. No? It appears like Ungaro hired a 2nd grader to doodle on the fabric.

——————————————————————————–DO LOVE. 

Helen Lee Schifter.

Classic . Gorgeous . Definition of Beauty. Queen of white gowns.
Now, let me tell you.. not every celebrity can pull off a white gown especially if their skin tone is dark or light. Intelligent in colors, I’m confident to say that pale ladies (like me) should NOT be wearing white dresses. WHY? It doesn’t compliment anything. (no offense) Also to dark tones.

Don’t hate me, I’m just speaking the truth 😛

BTW – I hate that clutch. So long.
I would love to see what shoes she was wearing.

——————————————————————————–DO LOVE.

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