High-end Discount?!


C’mon, we all know the ladies love shoes and handbags with high-end logos on it (cause I sure do! :D) But that’s all part of being a fashionable participant in the game.

Some.. Well, most of these candidates don’t really like to pay retail for Pradas or Chanels. But wait until I hit you with reality. If you go on Bluefly, a place where designer clothes and accessories at discount prices. They mostly start off wit 20% off of the retail price and if you’re lucky enough, it’ll probably go under the sale category where you can get great pieces of luxury goods for about 30-40% off from the original discount. Isn’t that a bargain?!

First I was very skeptical about this website because, it’s honestly too good to be true. So I took my first risk on that website (actually my first purchase online) and purchased Gucci sunglasses. Of course, I couldn’t wait for it, I selected Express delivery which comes the following day at 3PM. When I recieved the package, my heart was skipping ever two beats, scared as shit. lol. When I opened the “mysterious” package (didn’t know whether or not it was fake or real) I saw the Gucci glass case, and thought, hm.. is it really real? So I took out the sunglasses and checked the serial number and everythang. It was real.

🙂 Boy was I happy. haha. Anyways, basically the site is dependable, trustworthy, especially with luxury goods. After that, I trusted them and purchased more over the summer.

Bottom line — BlueFly is a great way to save money and look fly at the same time not pouring hundred thousand trillions of money 🙂



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