New iPod Shuffle



Remember the last generation of the iPod shuffle? Yeah, people liked it because it was nearly 2/3 of the price of regular iPods and portable. But was it convenient at all? It sure didn’t look like it was; you couldn’t even know which song would come up next!

Now, the new generation of iPod shuffle announced this morning on the Apple’s website. Price is going at 79$ for 4GB. That’s not only the good part. Since iPod shuffles don’t have LCD screen, they built a computerized voice that informs you the next artist and title of the song.

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Gone is the circular navigation pad from the last-generation Shuffle; instead, you get a new in-line remote on the earphone cord, which includes volume up/down buttons, plus a center control that lets you pause and skip tracks. Not bad, but here’s the only problem: Third-party earphones won’t work all that well with the new Shuffle, or at least not until someone makes a pair with a compatible in-line remote.

Also new: VoiceOver, an intriguing attempt to replace the Shuffle’s missing LCD display with a computerized voice that tells you the track name and artist of the song you’re listening to. Just press and hold the center key of the Shuffle’s in-line remote to hear VoiceOver speak.

The new Shuffle also gets playlist support—at last—thanks to VoiceOver. Here’s how it works: Keep holding the center key and VoiceOver will tell you what playlist you’re listening to, followed by a list of all available playlists; click again when you hear the playlist you’d want to select.



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