Toy Qube- Grand Re-Opening Party!


Yesterday, Toy Qube held their grand re-opening party at the new location and it would be an understatement to say it was a successful night for the TQ team. Over 120 people came to the party and couple of major artists came through as well, if you were not there than you missed out, but no worries I got you.

Many local artists showed Toy Qube and their adoring fans love by coming through the party and staying there, beginning to end. I was honored with such pleasure by being introduced by Keith of Toy Qube, to some of the artists. Andrew Bell was the first person I was introduced at the party, he created the “Lotus Kanser”.. cool guy. Secondly I was introduced to Kano, who brought us “Hi-Def”, very laid back and has a sense of humor. Lastly I was introduced to Mike a.k.a NEMO, he designed the “Haremungous”, I also learned that he sculpted my favorite toys, “Sharky” and “Hammerhead” of Toy Qube and as soon as I learned this… he instantaneously became my favorite artist/sculptor, right behind Keithing.

The party was full of energy and excitement, even through the party people were buying toys and some were even trading. This was my third time at a art/toy party, but I can say it will be hard to top this. Having two floors is of course an advantage, first floor for the customers and fans, the basement for friends and family of Toy Qube. The basement is pimped out!! Bar, toy displays, bar, nice red leather couches, and did I say bar?
Mike A.K.A NEMO with his creation “Haremungous”

First floor where all the customers and fans were lounging.

Keithing and KaNo Kid together holding their creation, the “Hi-Def”. Yea you got it, the black one is going to NYCC, you heard it here first.

Serving the flavorful drink upstairs. (loving the “popioca” guys!)

Gold Bearbrick on display at the “V.I.P” Lounge.

KaNo and Keithing.

A Whole lot of people at the basement bar.

Andrew Bell and Keithing.

Serving up drinks for friends and family of Toy Qube! (nice pose LOL!!)

Wasted!! He has an up and rising clothing brand.. watch out!

Hope you enjoyed the reading and the pictures, this was a exclusive!!!

Big shout out to Keith and the Toy Qube employees, Andrew Bell, KaNo, and NEMO.
Here are their contacts:
Andrew Bell –
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