Toy Qube: 4-Foot tall Kaws Companion Figure Display!


Standing at 4 feet tall and worth about $4,000 dollars, Toy Qube boasts that they are the only toy store to have all 3, 4-foot Kaws companion. As I walked into Toy Qube, I noticed something different, I didn’t realize what it was until I looked up. There it was, standing confidently and looking down upon me while accessorized with a Kaws designed skateboard and one rocking a Kaws New Era hat. It was crazy, I couldn’t stop staring. It was like my first time watching breasts.

For sure this is a great attraction for customers, so if you are around Queens please stop by and check it out for yourself. THESE ARE NOT FOR SALE!!

If you would like to challenge TQ, I dare you.

If you can’t visit.. I am here to help, I took some pictures to pleasure your eyes.

Some Facts:
-4 feet tall
-100 produced, less for the black one.
-worth more or less about $4,000
-only released at Original Fake Tokyo
-Sold on June,5, 2008

Source: LavishLivez


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