Designs For Michelle Obama


Many renowned fashion designers are putting extreme effort to design Michelle Obama’s gown/suit for the Inauguration Ball on January 20th. Why isn’t she lucky? But truthfully, I thought some of the gowns that were deisgned for her wasn’t her style at all.

Here are some pictures I decided to put up.
(Not even half but a couple I acutally liked and disliked.)


Surely shows the American Pride, but maybe a bit too much?
Betsey Johnson is known for her crazy designs and dresses and fairly, some are very adorable.
But who are we designing a dress for? That’s right, Barack Obama’s wife, Michelle Obama.
Think again!


I’m not so sure about this one, but I really love that coat?
I think Christian-Lacroix’s designs are very interesting and fascinating to look at and is very couture-like.
This design will fit Obama perfectly as a coat. But what exactly will the material be around the neckline and cuffs?

Fabulous! Love it!
Although I’m really confused about this design…

Love the drape. Very classical.
Dress designed by Elie Tahali.

Dress designed by Kai-Milla

I don’t think the color red flatters dark toned skins.
However it is a beautiful dress. It also seems like that’s not something she was looking for.
Dress designed by Monique-Ihuillier

I’ll love this dress only if it wasn’t white.
Beautiful, Chic, Structured.
Dress designed by Peter Som.


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