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from great consignment items to diy items, from daily ramblings to daily finds. catch me there.

P.S: I DO NOT LIKE GUNS, I DO NOT HAVE ONE, I DO NOT WANT ONE. i simply shoot clothes in your face.



if you guys have been curious where the hell i was…. i’m not here anymore.

due to some extreme work and everything that mixes in between, i wanted to launch my new site and online shop..

i will post up my new website here as soon as it’s done.

thank you for all my precious avid readers. I really appreciate all the comments and interest. 🙂


My boyfriend was at 21 Mercer yesterday for the DJ AM x DJ Premier Sneaker Release. Not only was a sneaker release but celebrating DJ AM’s life. Afterall, he was an avid sneaker lover.

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DJ AM x DJ Premier Sneaker


Viewers discretion is advised 😉

Aside from this demonic music video (which I thought was pretty cool), I have no idea why I wanted to take French earlyass in the morning. I’m shit for the next few weeks. So I will have a lot of time on my hands to blog… I think.

Who has witnessed Rihanna becoming MORE and MORE like Lady Gaga? I mean, I’m not trying to pick on the poor girl but be original much? It seems like more and more celebrities and singers are trying to follow Lady Gaga’s steps. There’s nothing wrong with that but I believe that other celebrities have potential to be themselves.

I love her outfit though. Gotta admit

Don’t get me wrong. I love Rihanna only because she’s strong through all of the CB issues. But, stop trying to act SO “hard”. NO PUN INTENDED!

Fashion statement? I believe Lady Gaga is actually the only person to deserve the attention when it comes to wardrobes. Lady Gaga has came a LONG way to finally get “accepted” to viewers and the ever-growing fans. I still find fucked up forums about Gaga but that doesn’t change the fact that she, herself, is very unique and has a taste in a different realm.

I just think Rihanna wants to hop on that realm. Just saying 😀

What a great start on a new year. Well, the college I attend has a pretty weird semester. In one semester, it’s divided into sessions; Session 1 and Session 2. Session 1 takes about 80% of one semester and Session 2 takes about 20%.

What I’m trying to say is that I’m finishing the 20% starting from today. (which is not mandatory) So if you haven’t read my previous post, I started to learn french. I don’t know about your school but the first lab does NOT, I repeat, DOES NOT EXIST.

So, I’m here… in the library… and thinking what I should do. I should FML!

Aside from all this morning cranky drama…

ERSU IS SOON TO BE LAUNCHED! We’ll start carrying various shit, but bare with us.


sorry, if I was a bit messed up and not updating and stuff. Kinda hate me? Well… whatever.

How’d you spend your holidays…? Mine was SHIT!

How was your Christmas?

Mine? eh~ I have to say probably the worse. Why? I gave my present to my mom around 3-4 in the morning, and the first thing I hear was, “WHY?” Wouldn’t that piss you off? It pissed me off so badly that I quickly wrapped the present and threw it in my room. Yeah, yeah, I’m childish because I just thought it was… simply fucked up. “Thank you” or “I love it” would be a great time to say it. So now I have to return it.

This year went by so fast, I don’t feel the Christmas spirit. Am I wrong?

So the boyfriend and I were diligently working on our line on Christmas. :””( Drew couple of sketches here and there.


Aside from all my ramblings…

I thought this picture was absolutely flawless. Photoshop is really amazing. I got this editoral picture from Catalogue 4 Argentina 2009.



The past few days has been so overwhelming and tiring from all the things the boyfriend and I had to do. BUT NO WORRIES, we are slowly putting things up on our online shop, and once we get everything, it’ll be open to the public. ARE YOU EXCITED?

I missed the Rodarte x Target collaboration on the 20th. Did any of you guys make it to any Target locations?

Besides from all the things I was rambling about…

The boyfriend and I hit up the city to shop for presents and we ended up seeing the necklace-on-shirts trend from the Rachel Roy collection. Since I didn’t take pictures, I’ll show you want I’m talking about.

know what I mean?

Do It Yo-Self #2 — DIY CHANEL

What you’ll need:

1.. A shirt (I purchased mine at CLUB MONACO for $5!!)
2.. Any colored embroidery thread & needle


1) Make a stencil of the Chanel logo.


Place the stencil onto the position you want on the shirt


Finally, ink it in and hand stitch!

I’M SO ANTICIPATING TO WAKE UP TOMORROW MORNING, CALL OUT A BUNCH OF FRIENDS AND PLAY SNOWBALL FIGHT! lol but I can’t because the boyfriend and I are shopping and getting ready to launch our accessories line 😀 EXCITED???

I’m sure am!

Here are some random pictures of this post.

Pictures taken by Paul Chin

I’m wearing:

RETROSUPERFUTURE Red Glasses. [An early christmas gift from the boyfriend. (the reason being is that he kept annoying me asking what he got for me, so I told him to give it to me, and he did O:)]

A DIY Chanel shirt [I know it’s tacky now, but I’ve been dying to do this DIY, so let me enjoy my time]

… LOL The boyfriend and I were having some fun 🙂 I’m Paulie-Snooze… the girl edition. lol

Sweater: Gap
Shirt: Chanel DIY
Jeans: BBC – Billionaire Boys Club
Sneakers: Bape
Undies: Pink Love from Victoria’s Secret
Accessories: Belt: BAPE ;; Glasses: RETROSUPERFUTURE Pin: Zipper Brooch. (SELLING OUT QUICK!!!!)

Also a reminder, thank you for those who purchased the zipper brooch! Comment & Review of the product!

IT’LL BE ON SALE FOR $12 & FREE SHIPPING & HANDLING ;; email: s.leey@yahoo.com

What do you think about my boyfriend’s photography skills?

Okay, I’ve always been absent on my blog time to time, BUT THIS TIME, I REALLY HAVE A GOOD REASON!

From heavy final studies to portfolios due on certain days, I have been really crammed for the past 2 weeks. Guess what? I’M A PROCRASTINATOR! Who isn’t these days? Especially because of the sudden weather change from being hot to cold… It’s really making me sick to my stomach.

Anyways, for the past couple of days, I’ve been DIYin’ like a motherfucker. From leather gloves to DIY Chanel shirt (I know it’s tacky now, but I always wanted one. Shut up! I don’t care, I wanted it so badly) and to a nice slouchy cardigan. I shall post pictures in the DIY section, so please, if you do really care, check it out. 🙂

How do you guys like this layout? I actually fell in love with once I found out how to fuck with the page tabs on the top. It’s pretty frickin’ awesome. But once I buy the domain, a better website will launch!


New Year’s Resolution: To update as much as possible. 🙂 That’s only if you guys show me SOME FRICKIN’ LOVE!


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